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Skin Care Cleaning Products

150 Grime and Grease Wipes

£6.90 Add to basket More

3L Bulk Fill Dispenser for Beaded Hand Soaps

£49.99 Add to basket More

AHS Alcohol Hand Sanitiser NHS Grade

From £5.83
  • 300ml £5.83
  • 750ml £11.99
  • 5L £29.99
  • 10L £57.49
  • 20L £99.99

Antibacterial Instant Foaming Hand Soap 250ml

£2.60 Add to basket More

Barrier Cream Hand Cream

From £2.55
  • 300ML £2.55
  • 750ml £3.30
  • 5L £12.04

Bio Dox Antibacterial Hand Soap

From £2.30
  • 300ML £2.30
  • 750ml £2.50
  • 5L £8.99
  • X6 300ml Saver £9.99
  • 10L £16.90
  • 20L £31.90

Buster Extra Industrial Hand Soap

From £4.51
  • Buster Pump £4.51
  • 5L £11.99
  • 10L £21.90
  • 20L £39.90

Buster Extra Wall System

£31.79 Add to basket More

Care 4 Skin Reconditioning Cream

From £2.30
  • 300ML £2.30
  • 750ML £3.45
  • 5L £15.90
  • 10L £29.90
  • 20L £58.90

Case Saver AHS Alcohol Hand Sanitiser NHS Grade

£28.50 Add to basket More

Case Saver Bio Dox Antibacterial Hand Soap

£9.99 Add to basket More

At the Chemical Hut we’ve got a wide range of workplace and industrial skin care and hand hygiene products. From industrial and healthcare to food and hospitality, our skin care cleaning products will help to promote best practices in your workplace. From soap dispensers and refills to cleansing wipes and paper towels, we’ve got a huge selection of skin care products and accessories to choose from.

From general workplace hygiene to industrial skin care our product range covers a whole range of sectors and industries including heavy duty applications. We stock skin care products that are designed to: protect, cleanse, sanitise and restore skin in all types of work environment.

Good skin care is crucial to help prevent occupational contact dermatitis as well as other potential skin problems. By providing staff with the right skin care products and a skin care plan employers can help to make skin care a priority in the workplace. Good skin care also helps to prevent the spread of disease which is especially important in a medical or food environment.

Occupational skin diseases are the second most common work-related health problem in the UK and Europe and one that can often be avoided with a skin care management program. And while a lot of employees understand the benefits of cleansing and sanitising products the importance of restore products is often overlooked. These products work by conditioning and moisturising the skin to help improve its strength.

View our full selection of skin care products for medical, industrial and workplace environments below and order securely online for fast UK delivery today.

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