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Oil and Fuel, Maintenance and Chemical Spill Absorbent Pads

Spill pads are a quick and efficient means of tackling a spill in the workplace or in a public place, whether it be an oil or chemical spill that needs to be cleared quickly.

Oil Absorbent (White) - Absorbs hydrocarbons, solvents & other organic liquids
Maintenance (grey)- Absorbs non corrosive liquids hydrocarbon and other aqueous & organic liquids
Chemical (yellow)- Absorbs dangerous and corrosive chemicals

Oil Absorbent

All of the Oil Only products utilise advanced Hydrophobic technology which means that they are completely water repellent and will only absorb oils and fuel. As well as helping you conform to current legislation, these Oil Only products will enable you to provide complete protection of your work environment.

Maintenance Absorbent

100% melt-blown Polypropylene and are hydrophilic meaning they absorb most liquids including oils, water, and non aggressive hydrocarbon chemicals.
They absorb most liquids quickly and efficiently as they have excellent absorb capacity.

Chemical Absorbent

Spillage of a strong and hazardous chemical can be dangerous and harmful. These chemical absorbent spill pads have been specifically designed to quickly and efficiently clean up and collect spills.

These Chemical Haz Mat absorbent pads are 100% Polypropylene giving them an excellent chemical resistance, suitable to absorb strong and dangerous liquid chemicals.

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