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SuperThaw Environmentally Friendly Exothermic Alternative to Rock Salt

Super Thaw is a environmentally friendly, fast acting, heat activating product, designed to melt snow, ice and frost in seconds.
It cleverly produces an exothermic reaction when in immediate contact with snow and ice.
(An exothermic reaction is a chemical or physical reaction that releases heat)

Ideal for gritting driveways, steps, entrances, car parks, roads, gardens, around car tyres for extra grip or anywhere that you feel needs removal of ice or snow.

And the best part, unlike rock salt SuperThaw leaves not mess and residue and is non-toxic to vegitation, soils, plants and aquatic life.

Directions for use- Remove deep snow and sprinkle onto the area to be treated. Heat will be generated with the contact of snow and ice.

Can reach heats of up to 70?C!!
You can also spread Super Thaw in advance to stop ice forming, and snow sticking overnight.

Super Thaw is handy to keep in your car, and is much easier to store and handle than Rock Salt.
Keep away from pets.

Here is the link to show how effective this product really is......


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