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Housekeeping Cleaning Products and Supplies

Breeze Apple Air Fragrance

From £3.10
  • 300ml £3.10
  • 5L £26.99
  • 10L £52.20
  • 20L £102.20

Breeze Carnation Spray On Deodouriser

£26.99 Add to basket More

Breeze Floral Refreshener

From £1.99
  • 1L £1.99
  • 5L £26.99
  • 10L £52.20
  • 20L £102.20

Breeze Lemon Concentrated Air Freshener

From £3.10 More

Breeze Peach Sprayable Air Freshener

From £26.99 More

Breeze Pot Pourri Air Freshener (Water Soluble)

From £3.10 More

Breeze Rose Freshen Air Concentrate

From £26.99
  • 5L £26.99
  • 10L £52.20
  • 20L £102.20

Brillo 4" Fine Steel Soap Pad

£4.69 Add to basket More

Brite Glass Plastic, Stainless Steel and Tile Cleaner

From £1.96 More

C2 Floor Cleaner

£3.60 Add to basket More

Carpet Upholstery Stain Removal Kit

From £11.00 More

Caterers sponge scourer Pack of 10

£3.45 Add to basket More

As a leading supplier of housekeeping cleaning products at The Chemical Hut we offer a full range of professional cleaning chemicals and products for all sectors. All the products that we choose have been selected based on their performance and they all have a proven track record. And because we stock the products in our warehouse most items are available for next day delivery throughout the UK, which means you can restock your housekeeping cleaning products quickly and easily.

From feather dusters and cleaning cloths to graffiti wipes and vacuum accessories, we have an unbelievable range of housekeeping products available to buy online. At The Chemical Hut we stock all your janitorial and housekeeping cleaning supplies from a number of top brands including: Spirit, Abbey, Ultra Dose, TCH and many more. We specialise in providing our customers with great quality cleaning chemicals and supplies at a great price point.

Make sure your business is always spotless with our great range of housekeeping cleaning products that will mean your rooms are odour free and sparkling clean. Help your staff maintain the high standards with our extensive selection of housekeeping products all available for quick UK delivery.

As well as a full range of housekeeping cleaning products we also have a selection of cleaning products and chemicals for other sector and industries as well as a choice of personal protective equipment. With an array of cleaning chemicals for the housekeeping sector we can provide the best cleaning solutions for your business. 

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