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Soft Reusable Blue Moldex Corded Earplugs in Hygienic Ear Plugs Container Case

What does it do?

Our blue Moldex Corded Earplugs are 100% washable and reuseable ideally used for the food industry.

Each of our earplugs contain metal for detect-ability.

Our soft flexible design of TPE material with air-cushioned tip makes it gentle on the skin.

The solid handle ensures an easy insertion and removal of plugs.

Comes with a handy PocketPak storage container.

SNR 27db

They are ideal for swimming, sleeping, studying, showering, working, traveling, flying, water-sports, loud events or anything else that requires noise reduction.

Helps prevent swimmer's ear and surfer's ear.

What will I get?
You will receive Moldex Corded earplugs and carry cases in the quantity selected in the drop down menu.

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