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Oil & Fuel Absorbent Spill Pads

Spill pads are a quick and efficient means of tackling a spill in the workplace or in a public place, whether it be an oil or chemical spill that needs to be cleared quickly.

Which Pads?
Oil Absorbent (White) - Absorbs Oil, Fuel, Diesel & other organic liquids
Maintenance (Grey)- Absorbs non corrosive liquids hydrocarbons
Chemical (Yellow)- Absorbs dangerous and corrosive chemicals

Oil Only absorbents are always white in colour and are designed for the selective recovery of oils and oil based fluids including fuels, lubricants (mineral and vegetable) and other hydrocarbon based fluids. They are ideal for use where the preferential recovery of oil from land or water is required. Using unique hydrophobic technology, they will remain buoyant even when fully saturated with oil.

They will absorb oil only, not water.

Ideal for the use in garages, workshops, on boats, or anywhere where oil and fuel is present.

Size:50cm x 40cm
Absorbency:1L Per Pad
Absorbs: Oils Only

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