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Cleaning Machine Equipment and Parts

Kirby Vacuum Bags

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Lemon Scented Granite Floor Cleaner

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Lemon Scented Linoleum Floor Cleaner

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Lemon Scented Tile Floor Cleaner

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Microfibre Floor Bonnet Mop for Buffing

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Numatic 1C Henry Bags x10

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Numatic 2B Vacuum Bags x10

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Orion Sprayer Spare Parts

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Professional Lavender Fragranced Fabric Conditioner

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Serena Silent 5030

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Keep your cleaning equipment in top condition and help extend its life with our complete range of cleaning machine parts and accessories. From Dyson and Hoover to Numatic, we stock supplies for some of the most popular commercial and industrial carpet cleaning machines. As well as parts and accessories we also stock a small range of commercial cleaning equipment made by Craftex.

The Craftex injection extraction machines give unparalleled vacuum performance and are ideally suited to any commercial or industrial cleaning application. From compact machines that can be used on trains, buses and aeroplanes to the larger machines for office and retail spaces, we stock a great range of professional cleaning equipment.

Add extra functionality to your cleaning machine with our accessory kits that include upholstery cleaning attachments as well as additional pipe sections and of course the standard cleaning bags for Numatic vacuums. We also carry a number of cleaner hose assemblies for popular vacuum models so check out our full range of equipment and parts below.

At the Chemical Hut we’ve got a wide range of cleaning products, chemicals and supplies for all your business needs. And because most items are carried in stock we’re able to offer next day delivery for most orders across the whole of the UK. If you can’t find a product that you’re looking for just get in touch with our team today on 01782 432 961 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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