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Carpet Cleaning Products, Chemicals and Equipment

Sanitaire Spillage Emergency Sachets

From £1.70 More

Sanitiser Fluid Carpet Deodoriser

£15.00 Add to basket More

Shift Carpet Stain Remover

£24.06 Add to basket More

Soft Brush for Vacuums 32mm Numatic

From £1.99 More

Super Lemon or Cherry Concentrate Perfume Additive

From £10.10 More

Swan SC2003 and SC2007 Vacuum Cleaner Hose Assembly

£5.53 Add to basket More

TCH Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo

£7.85 Add to basket More

Tesco VC204 Vacuum Cleaner Cylinder Hose Assembly

£4.48 Add to basket More

Tesco VC404 Vacuum Cleaner Cylinder Hose Assembly

£5.53 Add to basket More

Top Grade Carpet Cleaning Powder

From £26.99 More

Traffic Lane Carpet Pre-Spray pH7

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Upholstery Mitt

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At the Chemical Hut we stock a wide range of professional carpet cleaning products, chemicals and equipment to help you get the best possible cleaning results. From spot and stain removers and pre sprays to deodorisers and shampoos, we’ve got an impressive range of carpet cleaning chemicals for you to choose from.

It’s not just chemicals that you’ll find at the Chemical Hut, we also stock a wide variety of cleaning products and accessories such as: disposable overshoes, vacuum bags, brushes and hoses. Some of the other carpet cleaning equipment that we have available includes professional pressure sprayers, Sabrina machine power brushes, vacuum end pipes, vacuum tool kits, and vacuum heads. We also offer a range of professional cleaning machines which will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

From odour control and stain removers to carpet rinses and upholstery cleaning products, at the Chemical Hut you’ll find everything you need. And because we have years of experience we’re able to deliver much more than just products, we can help you find the right solution based on our experience, training and product knowledge.

Most of the carpet cleaning products that we stock are available for next day delivery throughout the UK and we only stock products from top brands such as: Craftex, TCH, Sanex and more. So if you’re in need of equipment, supplies or chemicals for your carpet cleaning business, then just get in touch with us today by calling 01782 432 961 and we’ll be happy to help. 

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