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Animal Disinfectant Products and Supplies

Natural Summer Berries Air Freshener

From £1.94 More

Natures Own Devon Meadow Hay

From £1.76
  • X1 2KG Bale £1.76
  • X1 3.5KG Bale £3.43
  • X2 3.5KG Bales £6.60
  • X4 3.5KG Bales £12.73

Natures Own Golden Barley Straw

From £1.64
  • X1 2KG Bale £1.64
  • X1 3.5KG Bale £3.18
  • X2 3.5KG Bales £6.36
  • X4 3.5KG Bales £12.73

Natures Own Premium Cat Litter

From £1.80
  • X1 5L £1.80
  • X1 15L £4.55
  • X1 30L £8.00

Natures Own Rabbit & Guinea Pig Starter Pack

From £13.55
  • Rabbit Starter Pack £13.55
  • Guinea Pig Starter Pack £13.55

Natures Own Timothy Rich 5 a Day Hay Foraging Feed 1kg

From £2.25
  • x1 £2.25
  • Natural Nibbles £2.40
  • x2 £4.35
  • x3 £6.27
  • x5 £10.45
  • x10 £20.91

Natures own Softwood Shavings Sawdust

From £0.89
  • X1 1KG Bale £0.89
  • X2 1KG Bales £1.64
  • X1 3.2KG Bale £2.89
  • X4 3.2KG Bales £11.29

Neutral pH Pet Stain & Odour Remover

From £4.98 More

Pet Training Carpet and Hard Floor Deodoriser Cleaner 1L

From £4.16 More

Pine Scented Pet Kennel Disinfectant and Deodoriser

From £4.99 More

Pump dispenser for 5 litre bottles 30cc (30ml) shot

£3.00 Add to basket More

Ready To Use 750ml Versan Disinfectant Spray

£3.30 Add to basket More

Picking an animal safe disinfectant for your kennel, cattery, pet shop, shelter or boarding kennel will help you kill germs and neutralise odours and also keep the area clean and sterilised. The use of bioactive ingredients means that our kennel disinfectants and supplies are completely animal safe and don’t use any harmful or synthetic chemicals.

There are many reasons to choose an animal safe disinfectant but perhaps the biggest reason is that they don’t contain harmful chemicals and so won’t cause any irritation. These products are also a lot less abrasive and environmentally friendly and over recent years the price has dropped considerably making them a great option for professional and domestic usage.

Our range of animal disinfectant products includes: chemical resistant pressure sprayers, bedding sawdust, carpet and upholstery products and a range of neutralising and insecticidal sprays. Keep your animals well looked after and their bedding areas free from harmful bacteria with our fantastic range of animal safe disinfectant products.

Cleaning and disinfecting is a crucial step in removing stains, odours, faeces, vomit, urine and hair to create a sanitary environment for your animals. If you own or run a kennel, veterinary facility, cattery or pet shop then we have the products you need to keep your facilities clean and sterile. View our full range of animal safe kennel disinfectants below or if you need any more information about our products get in touch with our friendly team today on 01782 432 961 and we’ll be happy to help.

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