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Buster Industrial Hand Cleaner cleaning supply

Buster Industrial Hand Cleaner

Oil, paint, grease, tar, bitumen, asphalt, creosote, ink, plaster, mud, dirt and other difficult-to-remove stubborn comppounds can all be shifted with...

5L - £11.99

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Ezee Industrial Liquid Soap chemical supplies

Ezee Industrial Liquid Soap

The Ezee balanced cleansing-conditioning formula is recommended for use in most industrial environments such as engineering and metal manufacturing fa...

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Barrier Cream Hand Protection cleaner - chemical

Barrier Cream Hand Protection

Working environments where the skin can be stressed by repeated solvent chemical contact can benefit from using barrier cream; examples include: garag...

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Buster Extra Industrial Hand Soap chemical products

Buster Extra Industrial Hand Soap

Oil, paint, grease, tar, bitumen, asphalt, creosote, ink, plaster, mud, dirt and other difficult-to-remove stubborn comppounds can all be shifted with...

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Inasec Waterless Hand Cleaner chemical cleaner

Inasec Waterless Hand Cleaner

Inasec contains a delicate balance of cleansers and emollients that help lift dirt and grime to be easily wiped away with a clean cloth

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Care 4 Skin Reconditioning Cream cleaning supplies

Care 4 Skin Reconditioning Cream

Care 4 universal skin reconditioner is a rose sented skin care formulation suitable for use on all skin types as an after-work skin conditioning cream...

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C Fold Hand Towels Green 1 Ply cleaner - chemical

C Fold Hand Towels Green 1 Ply

No description given.

Case - £10.87

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Centrefeed Blue Paper Rolls cleaning compound

Centrefeed Blue Paper Rolls

No description given.

Pack - £11.15

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150 Paint Removing Hand Wipes cleaning supplies

150 Paint Removing Hand Wipes

Industrial hand wipes that remove paint from hands and equipment.

1 Tub - £6.90

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50 Heavy Duty Wipes chemical supplies

50 Heavy Duty Wipes

Industrial strength hand wipes made from abrasive fabrics.

Each - £4.66

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Common cleaning problems

  • How to shift red wine stains
  • Blood stains on fabrics
  • How to dissolve limescale
  • Grease and oil stains on floors
  • How to remove and de-odourise urine
  • Sanitise equipment for safe use
  • How to keep rooms smelling nice
  • Remove food splatter on the inside walls of your microwave
  • How to remove grease marks from clothing
  • Best way to clean timber flooring

Health and safety

Health and safety is hugely important to consider when you're using industrial cleaning products and chemicals. To avoid getting toxic chemicals in the eyes, always wear goggles when carrying out cleaning tasks such as cleaning ovens. Need health and safety advice? The team at The Chemical Hut have extensive knowledge of all the cleaning products available on the site.

Why are cleaning schedules so important?

Preparing a cleaning schedule is vitally important for any maid, housekeeper or cleaning company who take cleaning seriously. Cleaning schedules are a great way of making sure your time is managed effectively for each and every cleaning task. Task, cleaning product and timescale for completion are just three of the major details which need to be included in any cleaning schedule.

Why Use

The Chemical Hut provide expert industrial cleaning products and chemical cleaning supplies which offer real value for money. From carpet cleaning products to janitor supplies, we stock a vast array of undiluted cleaning solutions and products perfect for key industries like bars, care homes and vets.

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Different Types of Cleaning Equipment

  • Waterless Hand Sanitiser
  • Glass Wash
  • Degreaser Disinfectant
  • Multi-purpose Cleaner
  • Mould Bleach
  • Concrete Dissolver
  • Stubborn Stain Cleaner
  • Washing Up Liquid
  • Baking Soda Deodouriser
  • Footwear Cleaner