Safe Easy Effective Concrete Removal

Grout, mortar and concrete can be a complete nightmare to remove when splashed or spilt onto something precious. You know the type of things: car bodywork, van doors, new decking, your patio, a shiny new tool.

Acids can be effective to soften the cement and remove it but it’s not particularly safe for the user and rarely for the surface spilt on especially car paintwork and the like.

Concrete Dissolver is an amazing product that will quickly and safely remove the offending substance from ANY surface without damage to the surface. As there is no phosphoric or hydrochloric acid in the chemical it is completely biodegradable and has no toxic fumes.

Concrete Dissolver is ready to use straight from the bottle. Watch in amazement as the hardened mortar, cement, grout or concrete turns into a water rinsable mush leaving no marks on the surface behind.

Ideal for cement mixers, trowels, van truck paint work, screeds, saws, patios, wooden decks, decking,pokers, floats and much much more.

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