How to Clean Altro and Other Vinyl Safety Flooring

Often seen in kitchens, canteens and commercial entranceways the safety floor is a great way to reduce slips and offer a safe passage to pedestrians.

However, not so great when it comes to cleaning. If you were to put this floor under a microscope it would look a steep mountain range! This is how the floor offers such good grip but also why the dirt seems determined to stay on the floor when simply mopping the area.

By far the best way to keep this vinyl flooring clean is to use a scrubber drier machine or rotary brush cleaner (such as the Rotowash). These machines pick up the water they’ve put down thereby lifting the dirty water out of the microscopic crevices rather than just spreading it around as a mop has the tendency to do.

Viro-sol is by far the best product to use with the cleaning machines or by hand if one isn’t available. Incredibly effective at lifting the grime up and out of the floor making for much easier cleaning.

If needing to mop the floor manually we’d recommend putting plenty of your mop bucket’s solution down to start with to allow the Virosol to break the dirt down and lift it to the surface.

NB . If the floor is sealed with a polish or similar only a suitable maintainer, such as Renew TD, should be used on the floor as anything else will attack the polish.

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