Celebrities Love Cleaning Too…

Singer Kelly Clarkson claims to be a ?freak? when it comes to cleaning.

The singer has been reported to enjoy tidying up in her down time. She claims that household chores are the perfect way to unwind.

“I am an organise freak. I love cleaning, it is my check out time,” she told UK TV show. “I just put records on and I clean. It is my time to check out, I love it. There is something very therapeutic about it.”

Kelly says that spending long hours on the road can be tough. She often feels homesick when she is traveling around the world, but feels lucky to be surrounded by such a strong support network.

“Ten years of doing it all the time, you do miss having your own kitchen and your own room,” she confessed. “Luckily I travel with a great band and crew, so we make it fun. You try and make it like camp.”

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