Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

The worlds oldest vacuum cleaner rescued from a scrap heap

Harry Cox, a collector and restorer of all things unwanted, rescued an unwanted 108 year old vacuum from a scrap heap, which is still in a working condition. He recovered this during a clear-out at the family-owned paper mill in Salford, Greater Manchester, where he works. The model is an American Sturtevant vacuum cleaner No. 4 which was produced in 1904, which means this vacuum has survived two world wars,

The cleaner weighs a heavy 30 Kilos, so the use of this cleaner is limited, compared with the lighter and more flexible, rotational hoovers of today.

Designed for large residences, clubs, hotels and churches, it has been in use at paper merchants W L Coller, in Salford Greater Manchester, until the 80′s.

Harry, the manager in the mill said: ‘There was a huge walk-in skip in the factory for all scrap metal, beams, old forklifts, you name it. I saw it and I rescued it.”

“I didn?t like to see such an old machine, and a piece of history, just getting flung on the tip. I would really love to know how much it?s worth but it?s hard to find out much about it”