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15kg of Premium Kiln Dried Logs £8.99

- High performance fuel

- Sourced from FSC Certified” Forest’s

- Moisture content to less than 20%

- Long Burning

- Reduced Smoke

- Suitable for Log and Coal Fires, Open Stoves, Fire-Pits etc

Kiln Dried 30kg Ama

Bringing your Patio back to life

I don’t know about you but after all the winter weather my patio is beginning look a little worse for wear.

We have the solution, ideal to clean away a build up of moss and algae whilst being gentle to the environment.

Our patio cleaner is fast-acting to remove even the most stubborn soiling with ease. 

 Also perfect to clean garden furniture such as patio chairs and sun loungers to remove algae and dirt build up.
Got any oil spills on your driveway? this can also be used to remove old oil and grease from non porous brick work as it contains powerful degreasing agents within the product. 
 With a dilution rate of 1 part chemical to 200 parts water this cleaner is highly concentrated and economical in use and will last much longer than ready to use patio cleaners.


Patio Cleaner 5L Ebay

Keeping warm this winter

We are excited to announce that we have now introduced a selection of quality Coal to our range.

Supertherm - a smokeless fuel that is designed to be used in open fires, multi-fuel stoves and cookers. It has a high heat output and only leaves a small amount of ash behind.
Supertherm is a high quality large manufactured briquette, which is long lasting and has an attractive flame. Suitable to be used in smoke controlled area.

Smokeless Ovals - With a high heat output and only leaving a small amount of ash, our Smokeless Ovals are perfect to be used in Open fires, Multi-fuel stoves and also Multi-fuel cookers. A high quality manufactured briquette, which is long lasting and burns at a high consistent temperature. Suitable to be used in smoke controlled area.

House Coal - Our premium house coal is ideal to keep you warm in the winter months with its steady high heat output, long lasting flames and great value for money.
The large coals have a low ash output making the fire easy to maintain.
Suitable for burning on open fires. Not suitable for Smokeless areas.



Back by popular demand…

These multi-purpose latex gloves consists of a natural rubber coated palm, and a knitted area on the back of the hand and fingers.

This helps reduce sweating and ensure a comfortable glove and fit.

Conforms to Cat II EN388 2 2 4 3 standards.

and the best bit, they are only £1.31 per pair!



Exclusive winter firewood pack offer

Get cosy with our exclusive winter firewood pack.

Includes everything you need to get your fire going as easy and efficiently as possible this winter.

Firewood Pack 2 eby

15kg of Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Ash Logs (from FSC Certified Forest). Moisture content in these logs is reduced to less than 20%, enabling the logs to burn for much longer and give out 3 times more heat.

3kg of Dried Kindling Sticks, cut into neat handy pieces that light easily and burn well.

96 pack of Eco Firelighters, manufactured using renewable resources and are a CO2 neutral product. Ideal to quickly and safely get your fire going.

And all for only £9.99!!

excl Vat & Delivery