Instant Lighting Charcoal

Our Instant ’light the bag’ Lumpwood Charcoal is perfect for busy families who want to get the BBQ under way hassle free.

They are easy to use, super convenient, no dirty hands, ready to cook in JUST 15 minutes!


Instant Light 2x 1kg BK Ama


You get 2 handy ready to light bags, that are filled with the charcoal (x2, 1kg Bags)



(Excluding VAT & Delivery)

Simply take one of the 1kg bags, light the corner of the bag, and leave to burn in your BBQ. On average the coals are ready to cook on after 15 minutes. 


When Purchasing Logs For Those Outdoor Summer Fires Remember These Useful Facts About Firewood Logs.

  1. Moisture content is key to the quality of firewood. The less moisture the better.

  2. The more moisture in your wood the slower it burns and the more smoke and pollutants it gives off.

  3. Moisture burnt together with fossil fuels creates acid which will corrode any metal within your stove/chimney.

  4. New felled timber, ranges from 40% moisture content to 60%. An average of 50% moisture content means that 50% of the wood weight is water.

  5. Dry wood will increase the life of a stove, it runs cleaner and gives out more heat.

  6. Burning damp or green wood is very bad for your stove an can cause the flue to tar up very quickly.

 Log Crate Ama

Woodsure and HETAS are the official bodies recognised by the Government to approve biomass solid fuel and bring clarity and consistency to the market place.



Trying to remove animal smells from your garden ready for summer? 

Our Pet Kennel Cleaner and Disinfectant is perfect to remove and destroy strong pet odours.

This even includes urine from that area that your pet insists on going to the toilet!

Available in 4 Fragrances

Candy Floral Pine Lemon

Now Just: £14.99 (20L)

(Excluded VAT & Delivery)


Kennel Cleaner all Ama


Looking for a reliable Kiln Dried Log Supplier?

At, We are here to help

15kg of Premium Kiln Dried Logs £8.99

- High performance fuel

- Sourced from FSC Certified” Forest’s

- Moisture content to less than 20%

- Long Burning

- Reduced Smoke

- Suitable for Log and Coal Fires, Open Stoves, Fire-Pits etc

Kiln Dried 30kg Ama

Bringing your Patio back to life

I don’t know about you but after all the winter weather my patio is beginning look a little worse for wear.

We have the solution, ideal to clean away a build up of moss and algae whilst being gentle to the environment.

Our patio cleaner is fast-acting to remove even the most stubborn soiling with ease. 

 Also perfect to clean garden furniture such as patio chairs and sun loungers to remove algae and dirt build up.
Got any oil spills on your driveway? this can also be used to remove old oil and grease from non porous brick work as it contains powerful degreasing agents within the product. 
 With a dilution rate of 1 part chemical to 200 parts water this cleaner is highly concentrated and economical in use and will last much longer than ready to use patio cleaners.


Patio Cleaner 5L Ebay