Keep warm this winter…

We are a PEAT HEAT supplier and keep large quantities of Peat in stock at all times.

Being a 100% natural product and ecologically sound, Peat Heat is a low cost, but top quality, alternative to coal.
Peat Heat generates the same heat output as coal and burns just as long while giving off a unique comforting aroma and leaves no black soot leaving chimneys and fire burners cleaner for longer. 

The Peat originates in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and has been harvested for three generations. It has been proven to give off low atmospheric emissions and is clean and simple to handle. The ash can also be used to rekindle fires.

Apart from Peat being one of the cheapest fuels on the market, other benefits include-

  • High heat output
  • Long lasting
  • Smokeless
  • Low sulphur
  • Fast lighting
  • Soot Free

Suitable for Log and Coal fires, open stoves, fire pits etc.

 peat 4


Meet our new ‘Super Range’….

Super Oven Cleaner to the rescue…

A super heavy duty cleaner and degreaser designed to rapidly attack and destroy severe grease, oil, grime and charred food debris from your oven and grill. Ideal to be used on ovens, grills, skillets, deep fat fryers, extraction hoods etc.

The thick clear gel liquid is designed to quickly penetrate, emulsify and dissolve severe soiling.

Let our Super Oven Cleaner save your oven!!

Super Oven cleaner


More New Products….

Introducing our new super Bike Cleaner!!

A powerful fast acting cleaner and de-greaser, in an easy ready to use trigger sprayer bottle, that has been specially formulated with citrus orange solvents for maximum super cleaning power.

Ideal for removing traffic film, mud, oil, grease, dirt and even squashed bugs and flies!

Bike cleaner 750ml 5

More New Products!!!!!

Coming in the next few days…..

TCH Professional Heavy Duty Toilet and Washroom Descaler.

This Ultra strong concentrated formula is designed to tackle and dissolve severe build-up of scale in toilets, urinals and blocked drains (caused by scale). Ideal for deep-cleaning to leave porcelain toilets gleaming. 

Based on a special blend of surfactants with hydrochloric acid.

As a highly powerful descaler, it is recommended to remove scale and stains in toilet deep-cleans.

TCH HD Toilet Cleaner

Need an effective tack multi-purpose cleaner?

The Chemical Hut now has a fantastic new product….

An amazingly powerful but gentle cleaner and degreaser that works to lift oils, grease, grime, hair, mud and muck from rugs, saddle cloths / numnahs, clothing, synthetic or leather saddles and tack.
It is ideal for use in horsebox living areas and stables and leaves a natural fresh orange fragrance.