Maxi Cleaning Cloths 5 Pack cleaner

Maxi Cleaning Cloths 5 Pack chemical products


Heavy duty all multi purpose cleaning cloths.
Colour coded pack of 5, super absorbent and strong.

The Chemical Hut can help with...

  • Delivering high quality chemical cleaning products straight to your door
  • Low price toilet paper for commercial bathrooms
  • Large and small cleaning problems
  • Disposable gloves for strong chemicals
  • Wax solutions for used cars
  • Cleaning solutions for streak-free windows
  • Strong bleach for disinfecting lavatories or waste pipes
  • Orders for soft or hard water glass wash solutions
  • Tackling bacteria lurking in toilets and showers
  • Supplying heavy, bulky cleaning products

Common cleaning problems

Bird muck on windows and chewing gum stuck to carpets are just two of the common cleaning problems the products on The Chemical Hut can fix. When you run out of washing up liquid put baking soda on one half of a lemon and create your own temporary cleaner - the lemon is antibacterial and great for killing germs and bacteria. No cleaning problem is impossible to fix - take the time to search our site for the best solution.

Why Use

We take pride in the fact that we provide expert chemical cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning products at bargain prices. From carpet cleaning products to janitor supplies, we stock a vast array of industrial strength cleaning products and equipment manufactured specifically for major industries such as kitchens, hotels and leisure facilities.

Why Use Maxi Cleaning Cloths 5 Pack? stocks a vast array of janitor supplies, including Orange Squirt, Detak Chewing Gum Removal, Bio Clear and Maxi Cleaning Cloths 5 Pack. Ideal for fighting germs and keeping surfaces hygienic; all the products at are reasonably priced so you'll always be guaranteed value for money. Contact us today to find out more!