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Floorit Streak Free Floor Cleaner cleaning product

Floorit Streak Free Floor Cleaner

Trust Floorit, the low foaming hard floor cleaner with self levelling wetting to help floors dry fast. The lemon scent will leave floors with a just-c...

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Cleanit Colour Coded Surface Cleaning chemical supplies

Cleanit Colour Coded Surface Cleaning

A scented multi-surface cleaning product that is available as a concentrate or a ready-to-use solution. It is specifically designed to enhance the app...

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Cleanit (Ready-to-use) Office Interior Surface Spray chemical cleaning supplies

Cleanit (Ready-to-use) Office Interior Surface Spray

This is a scented multi-surface cleaner that is also available as a concentrate. It enhances the finish on hard surfaces without leaving a residue, th...

750ml - £2.60

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Freshnit pH Neutral Sanitary Cleaner cleaning supplies

Freshnit pH Neutral Sanitary Cleaner

Try this pH neutral cleaner with disinfectant properties to kill bacteria and leave surfaces smelling fresh. Freshnit is a great cleaning solution for...

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Sinkit Washroom Bathroom Cleaner cleaning supplies

Sinkit Washroom Bathroom Cleaner

This citrus fresh sanitary cleaner is suited for washrooms and wetrooms, and removes porcelain and ceramics of body fats, soap scum and dirt. Sinkit l...

750ml - £2.20

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Scaleit Descaler Cleaning Agent cleaning supplies

Scaleit Descaler Cleaning Agent

A scale remover containing acids designed to remove rust stains and build-up caused by limescale. Scaleit is perfect for toilets and washrooms in your...

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Common cleaning problems

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  • Blood stains on fabrics
  • How to sanitise equipment
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  • Red wine spilled on your carpet
  • Cleaning wooden floors
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What are the different types of cleaning equipment?

Measure the right amount of water for your floors with a mop bucket. The trigger spray bottle allows you to control the speed and amount sprayed. Cleaning cloths come in a variety of designs and colours and can be easily assigned to certain situations.

Why Use stock only high quality commercial cleaning products and trade cleaning supplies at affordable prices. From carpet cleaning products to janitorial equipment, has a comprehensive stock of industrial strength cleaning products and equipment ideal for all industries including education, office and retail and vehicle care.

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