Bio Enzyme Stain Remover cleaner

Bio Enzyme Stain Remover cleaner - chemical

500ml - £3.39 (excl. VAT)


An enzyme digester in liquid form for use as a pre-spray spot and stain remover for blood, grease, egg, food, mayonnaise, all protein stains and bad odours.

Saftey Data Sheet

The Chemical Hut can help with...

  • Supplying heavy, bulky cleaning products
  • High gloss wax for used car preparation
  • Annoying grime and stains in toliets and bathrooms
  • Rubber gloves for use with corrosive materials
  • Large and small cleaning problems
  • Quality affordable toliet tissue for office bathrooms
  • Supplying industrial chemical cleaning products of the highest quality
  • Cleaning solutions for streak-free windows
  • Demand for glass wash solution for both soft and hard water areas
  • Powerful chlorine based bactericidal disinfectant suitable for lavatory use

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Cleaning schedules are often underestimated but are vitally important for major cleaning jobs. A cleaning schedule is a great tool for teaching new staff or for making sure every task is completed on time. A two-week cleaning schedule is a great idea for tasks which don't need to be done every week.

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Why Use Bio Enzyme Stain Remover?

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